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Go Hard or Go Home
Muscle Building Science

Is There A Method Behind Muscle Growth?


Is muscle building science important to getting a rock hard body?


It's no coincidence why some people get better results than others. It can be simplified in three parts: they train harder, they train smarter, and they follow these tips.


In order to experience the success and rewards of building an impressive physique, you must follow these important fitness advice.


Learn how applying muscle building science to help give you that competitive advantage.


1. Focus on The Hard Exercises


This one is extremely important, just like in life, the harder the work the better the results! That's the same way you must look at your workouts, the tougher the workout - the BETTER the results.


You should be focusing on compound exercises and movements. These are exercises that engages different muscle groups simultaneously.


These movements are labor intensive and targets a bigger muscle groups. And if done with proper technique these exercises will totally kick your butt!


Example of powerful compound exercises: Squats, Deadlifits, Bench Presses, etc.


2. Do Not Over-Train!


Another thing to learn about muscle building science is that: more is NOT necessary better. And in actuality, less may be better (pertaining to weight training).


You need to understand that in order for muscles to grow, it needs proper nutrition and plenty of time to rest. And by over-training, you're putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage because your robbing your body valuable rest and recovery.


Instead of scheduling more workout sessions, you should add in 1-2 days of pure rest per week. Doing this, will allow the tired muscles to relax and properly repair and recover.


3. Speed Up Your Metabolism


Learning how metabolism works is one of the wonders of the body, and is also a muscle building science you need to really comprehend.


Metabolism plays an important role in staying lean, building muscle and actively burning calories to feed muscle tissues.


One tip to increase metabolism is: instead of traditionally eating 3 large meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), break it down to 5-6 meals per day. Spread them out evenly, eating your meals and take muscle building supplements at set times on any given day.


By eating smaller portions (in more frequent meals), your drip-feeding vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your muscles - help keeping your metabolism and body energized all day long.


Bottom Line


The take home message here is: to get the competitive advantage, you need to constantly learn and adapt to the ever-changing muscle building sciences.

Taking state-of-the-art muscle building supplements, following a nutritious diet plan, and with proper weight training exercises.

You're setting yourself up down the path to an amazing physique!

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